Following the partial demolition carried out in November 2020, the remaining section of the almost 100-year-old Bederstrasse overpass at Zurich Enge station was demolished on the weekend of 23 to 26 July 2021. Tram and rail traffic was completely suspended during this time and a replacement service offered to tram passengers.

The weekend also marked the start of an intensive six-week construction phase, during which time the new bridge will be built. Our team from Furrer+Frey is again in action during this time, removing and then reinstalling the overhead conductor rail throughout the construction site at Zurich Enge station over several weekends. This is possible within a short time frame thanks to our overhead conductor rail. If a catenary system was in use, this work would take up the majority of the available time. The conductor rail profile is installed without mechanical tension and can thus be removed and reinstalled without any problems.