Being pioneers in delivering many “firsts” for the Indian rail industry, we are proud to associate with Indian Railways (IR) to deliver another innovative and reliable solution for the electrification of low bridges.

We designed and delivered underbridge arms for Ajmeri Pulia – a road over bridge (ROB) near Jaipur railway station. The low clearance between the rail level and the ROB made it impossible to electrify the section using conventional equipment. It was also not practicable to lower the track due to proximity with the station and a level crossing nearby.

In such situations, IR typically opts for a neutral section under the bridge and imposes a permanent speed restriction. This of course is not the most efficient solution as it impacts operations. With the help of the underbridge arm design from Furrer+Frey, the two tracks under the ROB have been electrified with compliant electrical clearances and normal operating speed.