One step closer to market readiness

The forests around Tübingen have long been home to a prototype of the fast charging station for battery-powered trains in partnership with Stadtwerke Tübingen (swt). The results from our off-track test runs had been very promising. Today, Thursday 14 October 2021, proved a real milestone as a train was charged on the rails under real operating conditions – using a Stadler battery train. The “voltap” BEMU* fast charging station came through its technical baptism of fire at Ammerbuch-Pfäffingen station (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) with flying colours, marking an important step towards being ready to enter the market.

Details of today’s tests under real operating conditions can be found in the press release, which is available to download.

Photos: swt/Marquardt
Short film: SWR Fernsehen

* BEMU: Battery Electric Multiple Unit