Our ZFP Zero-Foot-Print Depot Charging Stations – available off the shelf with outputs ranging from 60 to 240 kW – provide vehicles with electric charge while they are parked in the depot between operations.

The ZFP are fitted on the roof of the depot, meaning they don’t take up any vehicle space on the ground. Buses can manoeuvre freely in the depot without the inconvenience of charge boxes or the risk of collisions. The ZFP also meet the OppCharge standard, making them an elegant, cost effective and user friendly tool to supplement en-route opportunity charging provided by our All-In-One AIO Fast Charging Stations.

The ZFP enable very easy charging for electric buses via the standardised contact rails on the roof. Unlike wired plug-in solutions, the automated pantograph can also provide depot charging for the semi-autonomous electric buses that will soon arrive on the market. So your depot’s infrastructure will be fit for the technology of the future.