• Bendicht Abrecht

    Bendicht Abrecht

  • Riza Ademi

    Riza Ademi

    Assembly chief

  • Archit Agarwal

    Archit Agarwal

  • Dāna Akbarinassab

    Dāna Akbarinassab

  • Ernst Altwegg

    Ernst Altwegg

  • Nico Angelelli

    Nico Angelelli

  • Ankur Ankur

    Ankur Ankur

  • René Anliker

    René Anliker

  • Daniele Apicella

    Daniele Apicella

  • Véronique Bavaud-Friedli

    Véronique Bavaud-Friedli

  • Sonja Beck

    Sonja Beck

  • Céline Benker

    Céline Benker

  • Sebastian Benninger

    Sebastian Benninger

  • Nicole Bergdorf

    Nicole Bergdorf

  • Markus Berger

    Markus Berger

  • Martin Berger

    Martin Berger

  • Akay Bilgi

    Akay Bilgi

  • Alexander Blaser

    Alexander Blaser

  • Jürg Blaser

    Jürg Blaser

  • Walter Blaser

    Walter Blaser

  • Stefan Blatter

    Stefan Blatter

  • René Bonitz

    René Bonitz

  • Michael Briggeler

    Michael Briggeler

    Deputy Manager Export - International Projects

  • Matthias Brunner

    Matthias Brunner

  • Andreas Büchi

    Andreas Büchi

    Manager Material / Logistics

  • Adrian Bürgler

    Adrian Bürgler

  • Martin Bütschi

    Martin Bütschi

  • Sylvain Calore

    Sylvain Calore

  • Bruno Casali

    Bruno Casali

  • Adrian Castelberg

    Adrian Castelberg

  • Damiano Ceroni

    Damiano Ceroni

  • Joé Clément

    Joé Clément

  • Eugenio Codazzi

    Eugenio Codazzi

    Assembly chief

  • Jérôme Comte

    Jérôme Comte

  • Aldo Cugis

    Aldo Cugis

  • Ida d'Andria

    Ida d'Andria

  • Rob Daffern

    Rob Daffern

  • Ingolf Deckwerth

    Ingolf Deckwerth

  • Patrick De Gottardi

    Patrick De Gottardi

  • Javier Diaz Ardila

    Javier Diaz Ardila

  • Noel Dolphin

    Noel Dolphin

    Acting Manager Great Britain

  • Felix Dschung

    Felix Dschung

  • Beat Egli

    Beat Egli

  • André Ehlers

    André Ehlers

  • Jan Eichenberger

    Jan Eichenberger

  • Daniel Eisenhut

    Daniel Eisenhut

    Manager Development / Design
    Member of the Management

  • Carol Elvin

    Carol Elvin

  • Markus Eschmann

    Markus Eschmann

  • Francesco Fabiano

    Francesco Fabiano

    Assembly chief

  • Gregorio Fabiano

    Gregorio Fabiano

    Assembly chief

  • Mario Fabiano

    Mario Fabiano

  • Graziano Fabiano

    Graziano Fabiano

    Assembly chief

  • Adrian Fahrni

    Adrian Fahrni

  • Nicola Farnsworth

    Nicola Farnsworth

  • Bruno Fiechter

    Bruno Fiechter

    Manager Catenary planning
    Member of the management

  • Silvia Fiechter

    Silvia Fiechter

    Assistance Development / Design

  • Sonja Fink

    Sonja Fink

  • Chris Foy

    Chris Foy

  • Pascal Frey

    Pascal Frey

  • Raoul Fromaget

    Raoul Fromaget

  • Nikolai Frutiger

    Nikolai Frutiger

  • Beat Furrer

    Beat Furrer

    Member of the management

  • Rico Furrer

    Rico Furrer


  • André Gasser

    André Gasser

    Deputy Manager Finance

  • Michael Gasser

    Michael Gasser

  • Werner Geissbühler

    Werner Geissbühler

  • Daniel Geissbühler

    Daniel Geissbühler

  • Michael Gerber

    Michael Gerber

    Deputy Manager Catenary planning

  • Philipp Gerber

    Philipp Gerber

  • Fabrizio Gianni

    Fabrizio Gianni

    Assembly chief

  • Matthias Gilgen

    Matthias Gilgen

  • Christian Götze

    Christian Götze

  • Olivier Griessen

    Olivier Griessen

  • Katja Grundbacher

    Katja Grundbacher

  • Karol Grzelinski

    Karol Grzelinski

  • Peter Gyger

    Peter Gyger

    Assembly chief

  • Thomas Habegger

    Thomas Habegger

  • Beatrice Haider

    Beatrice Haider

  • Nicolas Hari

    Nicolas Hari

  • Rebecca Heiërman

    Rebecca Heiërman

    Assistance Great Britain

  • Kai Uwe Hertha

    Kai Uwe Hertha

  • Marc Hofer

    Marc Hofer

  • Stefan Holzer

    Stefan Holzer

  • Martina Hoßbach

    Martina Hoßbach

  • Winny Huang

    Winny Huang

  • Reto Hügli

    Reto Hügli

  • Vittorio Iannamico

    Vittorio Iannamico

  • Michel Imobersteg

    Michel Imobersteg

  • Andreas Jäggi

    Andreas Jäggi

  • Arne Janssen

    Arne Janssen

  • Patrick Keller

    Patrick Keller

  • Yannick Kiener

    Yannick Kiener

  • Ryan Kilchenmann

    Ryan Kilchenmann

  • Thomas Killian

    Thomas Killian

  • Berthold Klapötke

    Berthold Klapötke

  • Christoph Knutti

    Christoph Knutti

  • Thomas Kosmehl

    Thomas Kosmehl

  • Livio Kropf

    Livio Kropf

  • Fabio Kropf

    Fabio Kropf

  • Ronja Kubik

    Ronja Kubik

  • Patrick Kunz

    Patrick Kunz

  • Rolf Kupferschmied

    Rolf Kupferschmied

  • Mischa-Momir Kuzmic

    Mischa-Momir Kuzmic

    Manager Export - International Projects
    Member of the Management

  • Janik Laubscher

    Janik Laubscher

  • Stefan Leuenberger

    Stefan Leuenberger

    Great Britain, acting manager Swiss Team

  • Renate Liechti

    Renate Liechti

  • Marcela Lombraña

    Marcela Lombraña

  • Florian Lörtscher

    Florian Lörtscher

  • Yankang Luo

    Yankang Luo

  • Patrick Lüthi

    Patrick Lüthi

  • Veronika Mäder

    Veronika Mäder

  • Fabian Maillard

    Fabian Maillard

  • Sebastian Manns

    Sebastian Manns

  • Josué Marion

    Josué Marion

  • Yvan Martinez

    Yvan Martinez

  • Reto Matti

    Reto Matti

  • Patric Ménétrey

    Patric Ménétrey

  • Mike Meng

    Mike Meng

  • Abdelkader Merabet

    Abdelkader Merabet

  • Leonardas Meškys

    Leonardas Meškys

  • Emanuele Monotti

    Emanuele Monotti

  • Denise Mosimann

    Denise Mosimann

  • Brigitta Mühlemann

    Brigitta Mühlemann

    Deputy Manager Material / Logistics

  • Thomas Mühlemann

    Thomas Mühlemann

  • Pierre-Alain Murisier

    Pierre-Alain Murisier

  • Burim Mustafa

    Burim Mustafa

    Assembley chief

  • Hamza Mustafa

    Hamza Mustafa

    Team leader

  • Bernhard Nägeli

    Bernhard Nägeli

  • Mathis Noisternig

    Mathis Noisternig

  • Filippo Nuzzi

    Filippo Nuzzi

  • Susanne Oertelt

    Susanne Oertelt

  • George Parker

    George Parker

  • Yanick Peng

    Yanick Peng

  • Duy-Tam Phan

    Duy-Tam Phan

  • Patrick Principe

    Patrick Principe

  • Julien Puons

    Julien Puons

  • Rainer Putscher

    Rainer Putscher

  • Thines Rasiah

    Thines Rasiah

  • Jürgen Reiser

    Jürgen Reiser

  • Jürg Rickli

    Jürg Rickli

  • Hernan Riveros

    Hernan Riveros

  • Heinz Roder

    Heinz Roder

    Deputy Manager Catenary construction

  • Martin Rohner

    Martin Rohner

  • Marc Rothenbühler

    Marc Rothenbühler

  • Vincent Ruchti

    Vincent Ruchti

    Team GB-Switzerland, Deputy

  • Stefan Rüegsegger

    Stefan Rüegsegger

  • Sven Rufer

    Sven Rufer

  • Nadin Ryffel

    Nadin Ryffel

  • Thomas Salega

    Thomas Salega

    Managing Director Furrer+Frey Deutschland GmbH

  • Gabriele Salega

    Gabriele Salega

  • Thilieban Saravanamuthu

    Thilieban Saravanamuthu

  • Philipp Schenk

    Philipp Schenk

  • Beat Scherz

    Beat Scherz

  • Beat Schlosser

    Beat Schlosser

  • Konrad Schmid

    Konrad Schmid

  • Bruno Schmutz

    Bruno Schmutz

  • Heike Schulz

    Heike Schulz

  • Fabio Schürch

    Fabio Schürch

  • Stefan Schwarzenberger

    Stefan Schwarzenberger

  • Vibishan Shanmugam

    Vibishan Shanmugam

  • Christoph Sieber

    Christoph Sieber

    Deputy Manager Development / Design

  • Nicola Sigillò

    Nicola Sigillò

  • Jean-Pierre Solida

    Jean-Pierre Solida

    Manager Catenary Construction
    Member of the Management
    Company Safety Officer

  • Liselotte Spicher

    Liselotte Spicher

  • Kai Spycher

    Kai Spycher

  • Verena Stadelmann

    Verena Stadelmann

  • Michael Stadler

    Michael Stadler

  • Roland Stettler

    Roland Stettler

  • Ernesto Sticchi

    Ernesto Sticchi

  • Philipp Streit

    Philipp Streit

  • Petr Svoboda

    Petr Svoboda

  • Hermann Tauber

    Hermann Tauber

  • Max Toma

    Max Toma

  • Piera Trachsel

    Piera Trachsel

  • Otto Tschabold

    Otto Tschabold

    Assembly chief

  • Andreas Tschanz

    Andreas Tschanz

    Assembly chief

  • Giovanni Turla

    Giovanni Turla

  • Helene Utz

    Helene Utz

  • Timo Vogel

    Timo Vogel

  • Dominik Vogt

    Dominik Vogt

  • Thomas von Arx

    Thomas von Arx

  • Walter Wäckerlig

    Walter Wäckerlig

  • Mario Wälti

    Mario Wälti

  • Hong Wang

    Hong Wang

  • Urs Wenger

    Urs Wenger

  • Stephan Werschke

    Stephan Werschke

  • Alexander Wintzer

    Alexander Wintzer

  • Mike Wittig

    Mike Wittig

  • Patrick Wolff

    Patrick Wolff

  • Maximilian Wombacher

    Maximilian Wombacher

  • Luca Wüthrich

    Luca Wüthrich

  • Markus Wüthrich

    Markus Wüthrich

  • René Wyer

    René Wyer

    Manager Human Resources / Finances
    Member of the Management
    Deputy finances

  • Uvejs Zairi

    Uvejs Zairi

  • Stefano Zanetti

    Stefano Zanetti

    Assembly chief

  • Matteo Zanetti

    Matteo Zanetti

    Team leader