Series 1 - simple and easy to build

Series 1 is the new overhead line equipment range for routes above 110mph to be electrified. It is being implemented on the Great Western Route.

EisenbahnCert certified Series 1's compliance with TSI Energy for Conventional Rail and for High Speed and also with TSI 1301/2014.

Series 1 has been designed in conjunction with Network Rail's High Output Plant System HOPS in order to minimise installation times and track possessions.

Its main features are:

  • Single insulator cantilevers "SIC" with a reduced number of components; simply to be hooked on to the pre-installed attachment on the mast
  • Two Track Cantilever booms for Adjacent Line Open working and quick lift and land installation.
  • Mono-Anchor-Booms for easy wiring.
  • Single Span overlaps for efficient use of tension length.