FL 200 and FL 260 – the versatile overhead contact line

FL 200/FL 260 is a versatile Overhead Contact Line System. For speeds up to 200 kmph no stitch wires are required. All its components are made exclusively of corrosion-resistant materials. The cantilevers are made of stainless-steel or Aluminium tubes. All components are listed in our catalogue and the arrangement of assemblies is described in our assembly manual. Allocation design is assisted by our 3D-CAD tool ELFF.

  • More than 200 km of FL 200 have been constructed or planned for eight Swiss railway companies to date.
  • The Federal German Railways Office in Bonn has approved the overhead contact line systems FL 200/FL 260 for use on the net of the DB AG and Network Rail is installing FL200-GEFF on its Great Eastern Line.
  • The Railway Cert (EBC) granted us the certificate for interoperability in 2004.