In the Grütschalp workshop of the Lauterbrunnen-Mürren Railway BLM we have modernised the overhead contact line system on tracks 2 and 13. The new system replaces the previous conventional overhead contact lines with movable conductor rails. A new integrated automatic disconnecting and earthing system has also been implemented in place of the old earthing rods and multiple OLE switches, which had been manually operated until now.

The respective switching and associated signalling and monitoring operations are now fully automated thanks to a new, industry standard OLE (Overhead Line Electrification Equipment) control system. Both sections of overhead rails can now be operated from two remote control points. Integrated touch panels have been added to support operators by providing easy-to-understand overview displays, as well as operating information and system notifications.

Third party equipment such as cranes, lifting jacks and access to the roof work platforms are deblocked via an electromechanical keylock system and are monitored through the control system.